Digital Identity Guidelines

This website presents the official Digital Identity Guidelines for public-facing websites that fall within the Oregon Health & Science University domain ( These guidelines do not apply to other sites that are not public-facing, such as the O2 intranet or sites outside the OHSU domain.

The primary intention of these guidelines is to improve the user experience for all visitors to OHSU’s domain by unifying the presentation of all materials on the public-facing website. This does not include issues related to editorial style. These guidelines will be reviewed periodically and may be revised after reviews to maintain current user experience standards and organizational identity.

Responsive Design

The current design of the OHSU website is responsive - the display of each webpage is customized to the visitor’s device. Mobile and tablet styles will be listed where relevant. Re-sizing your browser window will show the changing layout of the site based on different breakpoints. Learn more about breakpoints.

Contact Digital Strategy

If you have questions or concerns about the Digital Identity Guidelines or how they relate to your site, contact the Digital Strategy department via or telephone at 503 494-0612.