Physical Access Committee

Report an Access Barrier

Please use the Access Barrier Reporting Form to alert the PAC about any access barriers you encounter at OHSU. We appreciate your help in identifying areas that need our attention.


History and Purpose

Launched in 2006, the Physical Access Committee (PAC) is a state-statute required committee that reports to its executive sponsors: OHSU's Provost and Chief Administrative Officer. The PAC leads efforts to create universal access at OHSU through eliminating physical barriers for all patients, visitors, students and employees.

Many OHSU buildings existed long before the Americans with Disabilities Act was conceived, and the needs of people with disabilities were not always factored into building plans. Today, OHSU's mission and vision are imbued with a passion for ensuring that all people are welcomed and included. The PAC enjoys strong institutional support in its mission to eliminate barriers to access throughout OHSU, from patient care areas to research laboratories.


Forms and Reporting Tools


PAC on the OHSU Intranet

OHSU employees can find us on The Bridge, where we post announcements, a calendar of events, an interactive discussion board and more.