2017 CURE Intern: Ruben Sanchez Flores Jr.

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Ruben Sanchez Flores Jr.

Liberty High School

Mentor: Lisa Coussens, Ph.D.

Ruben Sanchez Flores Jr. has been interested in science and how the human body works since he was a small child. In middle school, he discovered a love for volunteering and helping others. Combining these two interests, he began to think a career in the medical field would be a good fit. The unfortunate death of a family member solidified that goal, and pointed him to a specific area of interest: pulmonology.  He plans to study pulmonology in college, as the first person in his family to attend.

Having recently finished his junior year at Liberty High School, Ruben is making excellent progress toward his goal. He is taking a very challenging course load of science and math classes,while earning a 3.88 GPA. A teacher writes, "Ruben is very inquisitive, detail-oriented, and taking a rigorous course load…Ruben is intelligent, motivated, and committed to his community."

Outside of class, Ruben is very active in activities and opportunities at Liberty. He plays soccer, and participates in the AVID college prep program, the MIKE (Multicultural Integrated Kidney Education) program, and serves as a peer mentor. He is also very committed to improving his community, and Ruben honors that commitment by volunteering, including serving as a translator at school district events, participating in school board meetings, and volunteering in several roles at the local hospital.

Ruben is interning in the lab of Lisa Coussens, Ph.D. His research topic is "Use of a Novel Multiplex Immunohistochemistry Approach to Characterize the Tumor Immune Microenvironment in Human Breast, Lung, Skin, and Pancreas Cancers".