2013 OHSU CURE Interns

The Ted R. Lilley Cancer Continuing Umbrella of Research Education (CURE) Program is a paid research internship that matches students with a cancer-specific researcher over the summer. Interns gain real-world research experience to help them navigate the medical research field. Interns work full- time for eight weeks in a research laboratory alongside OHSU scientists conducting cancer research.

The paid internship in a research lab with a Knight Institute mentor offers a weekly curriculum in math, statistics, essay writing, and more. Interns attend seminars featuring experts from various oncology disciplines and a poster presentation of their research project.

We are proud to welcome this summer's cohort of CURE interns:

Denise AquinoDenise Aquino

School: Molalla High School

Hometown: Molalla

Career Interest: Optometry research/ opthalmologist

Faculty mentor: Wei Huang and Aneela Afzal at the Advanced Imaging Research Center

What are you working on?: I am currently obtaining image data of breast cancer patients going through chemotheraphy from two methods ( Shutter Speed dynamic contrast enhanced MR imaging and the standard approach) used for breast cancer diagnosis to analyze and compare.

The CURE program has very caring staff workers to work with which makes me feel comfortable enough to ask questions. I am looking forward to obtaining results for my project this summer.

Efren Cid

Efren Alonso Cid

Hometown: Portland Oregon

Career Interest: Medicine

Research faculty mentor: Amanda McCullough, Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology)

What are you working on? I am investigating the use of different chemotherapy drugs in combination to reduce dosage and see similar results.

The CURE program is a great opportunity that has allowed me to become exposed to the scientific research community. This is allowing me to see if this is really the field I'm meant to be in.

Shalin Fernandez

Shalin Fernandez

School: Freshman at University of Oregon

Hometown: Tigard, Oregon

Career Interest: Medicine & Foreign Language

Faculty mentor: Dr.James Tanyi in the Department of Radiation Medicine

What are you working on? I will be working on the impact on Volumetric image guidance for stereotactic body radiotherapy & Hypofractionated Radiotherapy on patients with Transarterial Ethiodol-based Hepatocellular Carcinoma Embolization.

Edgar HernandezEdgar Hernandez

School: Century High School

Hometown: Hillsboro

Career Interest: Undecided

Faculty mentor: Dr.Lev Fedorov, Transgenic core

What are you working on? The culturing of ES cells and mouse embryonic fibroblasts.

I am really enjoying my time here in the CURE program because this is a great experience for me, I am learning so much from mentors and from the actual project that I didn't know before. I am looking forward to doing more work inside the lab and to finally getting some results from my project.

Jose HernandezJose Hernandez

School: Oregon State University

Major: Microbiology

Hometown: Beaverton, Oregon

Career Interest: Head and Neck Surgeon

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Neil Gross, Department of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery

It has been a great pleasure being part of the Knight Cancer CURE Program for the last three years. I have been able to work in both a clinical and wet labs, throughout these last two years. What I am looking forward to, are the different job shadowing opportunity's that have been provided to me.

Bridgette Lang

Bridgette Lang

School: Jefferson High School

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Career Interest: Medicine or politics

Faculty mentor: Dr. Bruce Wolfe, General Surgery

What are you working on? Dr. Wolfe's department is conducting a study on the long term effects of weight loss surgery.

So far, the CURE Program is awesome! I am learning so much, meeting many new people, and I'm able to be surrounded with like-minded individuals and also gain experiences that will help me achieve a lot in my life. I'm looking forward to diving into the data and analyses of my mentor's research.

Jazmin Muñoz

Jazmin Muñoz

School: Springwater Trail High School

Hometown: Gresham, Oregon

Career Interest: Neuroscience

Faculty mentor: Dr. Turker, C.R.O.E.T Department 

What are you working on? Defining types of mutations in mouse kidney by different doses of accelerated Fe ions.

In the few weeks I've been in the program I've already learned so much. So far my experience here has been wonderful and fun.