Transportation Options

Tram, Go By Bike and StreetcarOHSU is a unique commuting experience with campuses linked by one of the nation’s only aerial commuter trams. We’re Portland, Oregon's largest employment and medical destination. We’re served by half a dozen express buses, a streetcar and directly connected by miles of nature trails and the largest car-free bridge in the county.

Portland's hills and river limit the number of automobiles that can travel to OHSU campuses. Diverse modes of travel serves OHSU’s mission to offer an exceptional patient experience and improve community health.

OHSU, by the numbers

How people commute to work

2016 Census of Portland region and OHSU's largest campus, Marquam Hill.
Source: Oregon Metro

Most people don't take just one travel mode. And many would take a different mode if they felt able. By listening to people's choices, wants, and challenges, we can help more and more people make a trip plan that suits them best. And since people have very different needs and desires, giving people what they may actually improve the commuting environment for everyone.

 Employee travel to OHSU


John Landolfe, OHSU Transportation Options Coordinator


John has coordinated transportation programs for OHSU since 2009. He is dedicated to helping new, returning, and daily visitors plan their best possible trip. In the past decade, OHSU commuters have raced ahead of the region and industry in diverse commuting choices.

He has 16 years experience in project management and graduated Portland State University with degrees in communications and writing. His work at OHSU includes the internationally-celebrated OHSU Bike Program, creating, and orienting up to 100 new employees and students a week.