Park and Rides

trimet maxPark and rides are free parking lots for people who want to to: 

  • save money on parking
  • shorten the transit ride
  • reduce transit transfers
  • use a transit system they live outside of
  • Avoid driving downtown

14 transit lines connect 30 park and rides directly to OHSU . 60+ sites are located around the region. 

Select your campus below to get started. For other OHSU sites, open the interactive map at bottom.

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Facilities and connections

Marquam Hill connections South Waterfront connections OHSU off campus facilities (permit required)

Lot 90

  • Daily parking at the bottom of Marquam Hill. Connected by Line 8 and Marquam Hill Shuttle.

Marquam Plaza

  • Daily parking between Marquam Hill and downtown. Connected by Marquam Hill Shuttle.

Neveh Shalom

  • Daily parking 3 miles south of Marquam Hill and South Waterfront. Connected by TriMet Line 61 Marquam Hill Express at rush hour only.
  • Free permit available to OHSU employees and students. 


  • Long term parking a 12 minute walk across Tilikum Crossing to Robertson Life Sciences Building.
  • Connected by Streetcar, TriMet, and Biketown.


  • Long term parking 1 streetcar stop from Robertson Life Sciences Building.

Explore the whole system, including detailed routes and more detailed park and ride information, via the interactive map below. After the interactive map launches, select the black "P" icon at top to reveal park and rides.

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