Transit Program

Where to get it

The passes are available year round at Transportation & Parking Customer Service. You'll need a badge to set one up. You can set up your badge same time; same place.

During the last two weeks of August each year, the passes are only available at transit renewal distribution sites around campus--scheduled to accommodate a variety of schedules and to reduce lines for the pass.

Cost and Payment

TriMet Universal passes are discounted at least 90% for anyone with an OHSU badge. The pass is good for all TriMet, Streetcar and C-Tran service except C-Tran Express (such as the Marquam Hill 190 bus). OHSU members affiliated with the Oregon Nurses Association receive an additional discount. Medical Assistants receive the pass paid in full by their department.

C-TRAN Express passes are discounted over 70%. C-TRAN passes work on all C-Tran including the C-Tran express buses and all TriMet except LIFT. The 190 Marquam Hill Express drops off at Marquam Hill between 6:34 to 7:49 a.m. and departs Marquam Hill between 3:40 to 5:10 p.m.

See rates here, under "transit."

Payroll deductions will be set up for eligible employees. Students may opt to pay via Banner. Credit, check and cash also accepted. Departments can pay for transit by submitting this form.

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