Universal Parking

For qualified employees to travel between campuses who are unable to use common options such as the tram and shuttle.

Passes are limited to availability, eligibility, and the discretion of the approving authority along with Transportation and Parking.

As OHSU parking is very limited and the Universal permit requires two parking spaces (one at each campus to ensure parking is available to the permit holder) these permits are only approved in rare circumstance dependent on a clear emergent need.


The employee pays a monthly fee equivalent to the cost of the department priority fee, in addition to the cost of the parking permit per month. This cost can only be paid for by the employee (it cannot be department paid). Rates are here.

To qualify:

Currently active 3 or 4 Diamond permit (join the wait list here).

Compelling/emergent need to park at both Marquam Hill and South Waterfront.

To apply:

Identify your current Universal Parking Permit Approver:
•    School of Medicine - Nicole Lockart
•    Central Services - Joni Elsenpeter
•    Research - Dana Director
•    Provost Office - David Robinson
Complete and submit this Universal Parking Request Form to the assigned approver.

If approved:

Please bring the signed request form to Transportation and Parking Customer Service.

Approved permits are reviewed annually and may require resubmission and approval. 


Review cost-effective transportation options or to discuss alternate strategies.