Car Share

Need a car in the middle of your day but don't want to bring your vehicle from home? Cut your trips in half with a short term rental right from campus. Each below service is a private company and this should not be considered an endorsement of their services--just a primer to help you meet your need.

Please contact the companies directly with any questions or to get started.


Car2Go vehicles are 2 seat cars that can fit up to 2 people and small cargo--some even have bike racks. Car2Gos charge by the minute. Gas and parking at regular city meters within the home area are included. A Car2Go rental can be ended at any city parking space within the Car2Go's home area that meets Car2Go's guidelines of an acceptable end-of-rental space. 

Car2Go and OHSU

Marquam Hill and all OHSU parking facilities are not considered part of Car2Go's home area--meaning Car2Go will charge you for the entire time the car is on campus. Best used for short visits, drop offs, or off-campus. More at


Getaround is a peer-to-peer car sharing service. Anyone with a vehicle that meets Getaround's terms of service may rent out that vehicle to approved Getaround members.

Getaround and OHSU

Getaround vehicles are often available on or near campus. If you have a car parked on campus, you may rent it out and control who you approve as a renter. More at


Zipcar has a variety of vehicles including at least 1 vehicle on Marquam Hill another at South Waterfront. Reservations for 1 hour or more may be made at any time but are recommended in advance. Zipcar rentals are roundtrip and must be returned on time to the space the vehicle was picked up at.

Zipcar and OHSU

Some OHSU departments have accounts. You may join an OHSU department account, start a new one, or start an individual account with an OHSU discount. More at