Bicycle Theft Prevention

Alison WongBikes are a frequent target of theft. This does not mean thieves are always successful. Report suspicious activity immediately to Public Safety at 503-494-4444.

With a few simple strategies, you can reduce the chance of your bike being targeted. Although OHSU cannot guarantee the protection of your property, some strategies can reduce the instances of theft on campus. OHSU has some of the lowest rates of theft of any campus in Portland and the lowest rate of theft, per density of bikes in the City. That said, theft can and does occur. At OHSU, even one theft is one too many.


A free service open to anyone, simply stop by Go By Bike at the Portland Aerial Tram's lower terminal. You don't need to bring a lock or take any accessories off your bike. Go By Bike has partnered with OHSU and the Tram for four years and safely returned over 150,000 bikes to date.Open 6am to 7:30pm, Monday to Friday. Closed on OHSU-observed holidays.


With an OHSU badge, you can request access to five different facilities at OHSU's two main campuses. Facilities located on Marquam Hill and Center for Health and Healing are free.  Facilities at Collaborative Life Sciences Building are $60 a year and include a locker room and showers. Request access at OHSU Transportation and Parking Customer Service.

U lock


Visibility or parking adjacent to staffed areas is not protection. The only place staff can determine bike ownership, and protect a bike, is inside the valet. Always follow these recommendations in public areas. 

  • Use a U-lock. Secure the frame (and back wheel if possible).
  • Cables are easily cut and are the most common target of thieves.  
  • Take extra precaution with quick release parts or replace with bolts.
  • Remove any accessories of value.
  • Only lock to bike racks. Anything less can be tampered with.


1. File a report. On campus, contact Public Safety immediately. OHSU police officers will help file a report.
Off campus: contact your local police department. 

2. Register your bike as stolen. The local network of buyers, sellers, mechanics, and riders will keep an eye out. A bike flagged as stolen is much harder to sell and much easier to recover. 

3. Check current listings over on

4. Get back on a bike. Don't let thieves stop you from riding. Go By Bike can set you up with a loaner bike and talk options for a replacement.