Crime Investigation

Public Safety receives its police powers under the Oregon Revised Statutes (Section 353.125). Police officers commissioned under this section may enforce criminal laws and any administrative rules and policies adopted by the university, and have all the authority and immunity of a peace officer or police officer of this state.

Criminal activity is investigated by Public Safety officers available to respond to crime scenes 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that items of an evidentiary nature are properly protected, collected and processed, and to confer with local, county and state law enforcement agencies. Investigations are conducted for the prosecution of serious criminal offenses.

We do our best, but we can't do it alone. We rely on citizens to get involved, step forward and report crimes. If you've witnessed a crime, suspicious activity or behavior out of the ordinary, please call and report it.

Learn how to report a crime.
Review OHSU crime statistics.

In Case of Emergency

For on-campus emergencies, including crimes in progress, call 503 494-4444.