Billing & Collection

You may receive several bills for the services you received.  These bills may include charges for:

  • The hospital or facility fee
  • The doctor or healthcare professional service fee
  • Anesthesia fees, if anesthesia is needed to perform a procedure
  • Radiology and/or pathology professional service fees, if you have x-rays or some types of laboratory work
  • Casey Eye Institute


The OHSU billing and collection process What you can do to help
We submit a claim to your insurance company (ies) based on the information provided when you registered at OHSU.  Co-payments is expected at the time of your visit.
  • Give us your complete health information when you register.
  • Please tell us if your personal or insurance information has changed since your last visit.
  • Know your insurance benefits.  Contact your insurance company before your visit to OHSU to verify your benefits and coverage requirements.
We wait for payment from your insurance company.  If payment is not received in a reasonable amount of time (30 days), we may ask for your help.
  • If you do not receive an explanation of benefits from your insurance company within 30 days, please contact them to find out the status of your claim.
  • Your insurance company may ask you to provide more information.  If so, please respond quickly, and let us know the information you've provided to the insurance company so we can update our records.

After your insurance company has made payment, we will send you a balance due notice for the remaining balance, if any.

  • When you receive a balance due notice, please pay your bill promptly.
  • Keep your billing statements for your records.  The billing statements may be helpful when reviewing the explanation of benefits you receive from your insurance company.
  • If you are unable to pay the balance, please contact a customer service representative; toll free at 866-617-6855.  We can discuss options for payment plans or financial assistance, depending on your circumstances.


You may receive several bills from OHSU for the services you receive.  This information will help you in understanding your bill.


You have several options when paying your OHSU bill.

OHSU employee's can also choose payroll deduction.  This payment is not a pre-tax deduction; but will be taken after taxes.

Patient Business Services Payroll Deduction Form

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