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Acupuncture Services

March wellness offers Acupuncture in a comfortable spa setting. Acupuncture improves health and increases energy. Treatments have been proven to be effective in treating chronic pain, stress, headaches, migraines, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and many other conditions. To get started schedule a 90 minute intake assessment that includes examination of pulse and tongue, palpation of points and additional observations. Each treatment is holistic and designed to meet individual needs.

Therapeutic Massage


Massage can help in managing stress, relieving sore muscles from a new or expanded exercise routine or aiding in injury recovery. Or it can be a personal reward or gift from a loved one. March offers therapeutic massage in a small and comfortable day spa setting. Like other comfort services, massage is available to the general public and at a discounted rate for march members. To schedule a service call 503-418-6272.

OHSU Department of Dermatology

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OHSU Chiropractic Care

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OHSU Family Medicine - Acupuncture

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