Artist In Residence

Minhazr Sarker


Artist's Statement

I am a landscape photographer and a fourth-year medical student here at OHSU. My passion for photography started just a year into medical school as a creative outlet for the many stressors associated. Despite my hectic schedule, I do my best to get behind the camera as much as I can.

As a local of the Pacific Northwest, I enjoy sharing the beauty of the area through my photography. Although I enjoy multiple aspects of landscape photography, over the years my favorite subjects have always been lone trees. The more I photograph, the more I find myself trying to find a unique perspective to show the world.

The gallery, entitled "Life through the Eyes of Minhaz", is a group of images that I have captured amidst the chaos of medical education. There are a few distinct collections present in the gallery space. First, the Ocean collection found by the elevator, then the Space and Stars collection in the back hallway, followed by the City of Portland, Waterfalls, and Lone Trees along the main hallway leading out to the locker rooms. These images together highlight the diverse landscapes and vast beauty present within miles of our lovely city.

Please take a minute to roam and enjoy the photos. Additionally, feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or concerns.



Instagram: @minhazrsarker