Artist In Residence

Leslie Eggers

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Artist's Statement

We are surrounded by a world of fantastic shapes, colors and forms, most of which lie in the background, never really being observed as we go about our daily lives. I have always enjoyed looking closely at the people, objects, buildings and the natural world around us, and often find that something within that larger picture tells its own story in miniature. Pulling that smaller image out of the whole enables me to see it in a new way. Sometimes, the overall scene captures my imagination, which I can then interpret in many ways, from whimsy to realism.

My current projects include original cityscapes, architectural studies and vignettes from Portland, OR and the places where I've traveled. The scene and the mood help me decide how to interpret each image, using the medium of acrylics. I enjoy opening each image and exploring how the story unfolds and, like an author seeking the perfect word, experimenting with new colors, shapes or objects until I find something that expresses the essence of what that scene represents to me. I'm searching for something that fits, that ties the elements of the piece in with everything else, until I am able to create a final painting that tells me, "This is it!"

While I derive a great deal of pleasure from the creative process, I am very pleased when someone sees one of my works and wants to make it part of their home. Seeing people get excited about my art has always been a motivation to keep creating new works and finding new ways of expressing what I see around me.

Twenty years ago I began creating highly detailed, photo-realistic, oil pencil compositions of sports figures. I enjoyed considerable success, with pieces being sold in galleries across the US, featured in publications and exhibited in a New York museum. This style of work also won numerous awards, including "Best of Show" at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. Over 150 of these original compositions are now in private and corporate collections across the USA. I still have a number of artworks depicting sports figures available, and I'm often called upon to create a commissioned portrait in this style that will be a truly personal addition to a customer's collection.

Happily, my new styles have been embraced by a number of private collectors in Oregon and Washington. I plan to continue painting in these styles for quite some time, as I've only just begun to explore the images that have come to mind.

I will also continue to experiment with new media and techniques, as well as remain open to new subject matter… in short, to evolve as an artist. My hope is that you will take as much pleasure in my work as I enjoyed creating it.