Group Class Space

Our group class studios are comfortable spaces with recycled rubberized flooring, audio and mirrors.  All group spaces accommodate many formats of group exercise activities - everything from high-energy to silent meditation.

Group spaces are available for members to use outside of our scheduled classes.  The audio system is not available for use.

A balcony is also open for functional training, stretching and personal training.

Pulastic Flooring

Pulasting flooring in Studio C
Pulastic flooring in Studio C.
  • Superior Safety: shock absorption, seamless uniformity, optimum friction.
  • Pulastic floors feature a special recycled rubber shock pad for resiliency and meet LEED certification requirements for use of recyled products.
  • Pulastic provides a seamless polyurethane structural layer that is strong, durable and free of mercury, lead and other heavy metals.

Studio equipment

Class exercise equipment in Studio A.
Studio exercise equipment shown in Studio A.
A wide variety of equipment is available for classes and member use when the studio is open in between our classes.