Artist in Residency for December 2017

Kristine Gottsch

Kristine Gottsch

Artist's Statement

Native Oregonian. Bachelor of Fine Arts from Arizona State University.

Studied under Earl Linderman and Jack Breckenridge. Art studio in Sellwood.

Why I Paint - Now more than ever, I believe humanity needs nourishing art. We cannot expect to thrive as spiritual beings with starved souls.

Nature as My Muse.  Art as My Medicine. - I grew up in a Swiss Family Robinson story and always felt a deep connection to nature. The overflowing beauty of Oregon provides endless streams of healing inspiration. A leaf…a feather…the magical way light breaks through the trees, the illusive horizon at sea; these things fuel my passion to paint.

Former Surfer - The sand. The ocean. The surf.  I always wanted to be Gidget.

My Passions - Nature, exercise, inspiring and uplifting others, and of course, painting and drawing.

Body of Work - This series of paintings tell the story of a journey back to self. My hope is that others will resonate with the images and feel a deeper sense of joy, freedom and personal power.

Series #1 - Boats: Paintings inspired from time spent boating with my family. The peace and tranquility ofthe open vessels floating on water were the calm I needed during a turbulent time.

Series #2 - Surf: I felt drawn back to the ocean and began painting surf and beach scenes with beach balls and surfer girls and colorful memories of a joyful time spent at the Oregon coast.

Series#3 - Spirit Warrior: Paintings of women, headdresses and feathers; symbolizing bravery, courage and spirituality.