Education Compliance Monitoring

Department directors, managers, and administrators are responsible for ensuring that people in their areas, including employees, faculty, students, volunteers, and unescorted visitors complete required education (e.g., HIPAA privacy training, Integrity Booster and Respect at the University training). Click here for information regarding requirements for visitors.

All personnel must complete any required education. New employees have 30 days from start date to complete required education. Those who do not meet this requirement are subject to corrective action, up to and including termination of their relationship with OHSU.

Department directors, managers, and administrators can monitor training compliance in their area according to the following procedures:

Reports for faculty and staff

Reports are available in the Big Brain system.
Only unclassified administrative employees are authorized to access compliance reports. If you have not registered with the system you will need to do so prior to logging in; simply click the "Register" button link and follow the instructions.
If for some reason you are an unclassified administrative employee who should have access but are denied, please send an e-mail to The subject line should read "Report Access."
To access reports: login to Big Brain, click on the "Report Builder" button, select the desired course, build a query using one or multiple data fields, and click the search button.

Reports for students

Due to FERPA issues, student compliance reports are not available on-line. Student reports for each school will be pulled on request and sent directly to the designated HIPAA contact for each school. Please contact  for more information.

If you have questions about Big Brain or compliance training or would like more information, see Big Brain FAQs or contact