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Title Policy Forms Add'l Info
Annual Event Summary Form    
Annual Review Policy    
Approval Timeframes - Service Level Understanding    
Approved and Unapproved Devices in Research    
Assent Form - Shriners    
Assent Form - Standard    
Baculovirus Fact Sheet    
Biosafety Manual-Updated    
Brief Project Description    
BSL2-Lab Checklist    
Business Associate Agreement    
Certificates of Confidentiality (CoC)  
Child Assent  
Children in Research    
Clinical Investigational Agents Consisting of Recombinant DNA or Infectious Agents    
Clinical Research Billing Schedule
Clinical Trials Registration Requirements    
Closure, Suspension & Termination of Studies    
Collaborations with Non-OHSU Institutions and Investigators
Combined Phase Studies    
Committee Charter    
Committee Member Reviewer Form    
Conflicts of Interest in Human Subjects Research - IRB Policy    
Consent and Authorization Forms - Knight Cancer Institute (5.3.2013)  
Consent and Authorization Forms - Non-Clinical (3.31.2014)    
Consent and Authorization Forms - Repository Only (3.31.2014)    
Consent and Authorization Forms - Shriners (05.28.2013)    
Consent and Authorization Forms INSTRUCTIONS (4.25.2013)    
Consent Form - Short - Chinese    
Consent Form - Short - English    
Consent Form - Short - Farsi    
Consent Form - Short - German    
Consent Form - Short - Instructions for Use    
Consent Form - Short - Russian    
Consent Form - Short - Serbo-Croatian    
Consent Form - Short - Spanish    
Consent Form - Short - Vietnamese    
Consent Form - Treatment Use of Drug or Device (6.28.2012)    
Consent Form Language - Gene Transfer Studies (6.28.2012)    
Consent Form Signature Templates - Children Ages 15-17    
Continuing Review  
Data and Safety Monitoring
Data Use Agreement: Research    
Decisionally Impaired Adults in Research  
DSMP Template Form  
Dual Use Research of Concern Policy *NEW*    
eIRB Hard Copy Submission    
eIRB System    
eIRB System - Documentation of Approval  
Elements of Informed Consent    
Emergency Single Time Use of a Test Article (Drug, Biologic, Device)    
Engagement in Research    
Enrollment Incentives and Finder's Fees    
Exempt Review    
Expedited Review    
Fact Sheet on Biological Toxins    
Fact Sheet on Research Requiring NIH-OBA Review    
Federal Wide Assurance (FWA)    
Forms, IRB      
Functions and Responsibilities    
Genetic Research  
HIPAA Authorization for Obtaining Existing Records Outside of OHSU    
HIV Information Sheet    
Human Subjects Research in the Future    
Humanitarian Use Device (HUD)    
IBC Questionnaire for Human Subjects Studies    
IBC Review of Work with Animals    
Individual Investigator Agreement (IIA)    
Infectious Agent/Toxin Questionnaire (IAQ)    
Information Sheet Template (3.28.2014)    
Informed Consent    
Initial Submission Guide    
Institutional Reporting Requirements (IRB)    
International Research    
Investigational Drug Research    
IRB Authorization Agreement - OHSU Providing Oversight    
IRB Authorization Agreement - OHSU Waiving Oversight    
Lab Safety Manual    
Lay Language Protocol Summary  
Legacy Collaboration - Submission Checklist    
Legacy Collaborations - Consent Language    
Liability Language - Subject Injury (3.28.2014)  
Local Context Supplement    
Member Conflict of Interest policy    
Obtaining & Documenting Informed Consent From Subjects with Limited English Proficiency    
OHSU Biohazardous waste disposal guidance    
OHSU Students as Subjects    
Payments to Research Participants    
Planned Emergency Research    
Prep to Research
Prisoners in Research    
Proposed Project Questionnaire    
Protocol Deviation Policy (IBC)  
Protocol Deviations (IRB)    
Protocol Revision Policy    
Protocol Template – Minimal Risk Studies    
Protocol Template – Minimal Risk Studies – No Instructions    
Recombinant DNA Research Questionnaire (RDRQ)    
Re-Consent and Notification    
Reporting Requirements for IBC    
Repository Policy for Human Subjects Research  
Repository Protocol Checklist    
Repository Questions for Non-OHSU Institutions    
Repository Sharing Agreement (De-Identified)    
Repository Sharing Agreement (Identifiable)    
Repository Submittal Agreement    
Repository Tracking Template EXCEL    
Repository Tracking Template WORD    
Representation Form for Research Involving Only Decedents' Information    
Research Accidents and Spills Updated 01/2018
Research Involving Humans (Includes IRB authority, IRB procedures)    
Research Involving Recombinant DNA    
Responsible Conduct of Research & CoIR    
Roles & Responsibilities in Research  
Security and Confidentiality – Protocol Checklist    
Serious & Continuing Non-Compliance    
Standards for Stereotactic Injection of Lentiviral Particles    
State Laws and Regulations    
Telephone Recruitment and Screening Script Template    
Template Adenovirus Biosafety Manual-Updated    
Template Biosafety Level 2 Manual-Updated 01/2018    
Template BSL 2+ Biosafety Manual - Updated 01/2018    
Template Lentivirus Biosafety Manual-Updated    
Transgenic Animal Review Policy
Unanticipated Problems  
Vaccinia Fact Sheet    
Viral Vector Table - Updated    
Waiver or Alteration of HIPAA Authorization    
Waiver or Alteration of Informed Consent