Report A Concern

Where to report a concern


OHSU Integrity Hotline is accessible 24hours/day; 7days/week  /  877.733.8313 (toll free and anonymous)

Submit a confidential, anonymous report online and select the type of report you would like to make.

Contact OHSU Integrity Department at 503.494.8849
Please review the list of additional departments who can help with specific concerns.

Guidelines to Report a Concern

1. If appropriate, and you are comfortable doing so, talk to the individual(s) involved.

 2. If you are not comfortable talking to the individual(s), discuss the concern with the following who are close to the situation and best able to help you: 

  • your supervisor
  • manager
  • faculty member

 3. If you are uncomfortable discussing certain questions or concerns with your supervisor, manager or a faculty member, or if you have already done so and the situation remains unresolved, you are encouraged to discuss the issue with higher level of authority, such as a department head or administrator.

 4. You also may discuss the concern with a representative from the following departments:

  • Integrity Department
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity
  • CWE Center coach

 5. If you do not feel comfortable with any of these steps, you may either

  • call the OHSU Integrity Hotline at 877.733.8313
  • or go to the Integrity Hotline web site to report the issue online

Although these calls are not recorded, the information is used to respond to callers' concerns, investigate issues, and track types of concerns in order to identify ways to improve the culture of integrity at OHSU.

Please review this list of additional departments to see who to contact with various types of concerns.