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Outside Activity(OA) - FAQ

What is an Outside Activity (OA)?
What has changed with the OA disclosure requirements?
Who has to complete the OA disclosure? 
Where is the OA disclosure form?      

What is an Outside Activity (OA)?

An activity is considered an "outside" activity when it is "outside" of the scope of the individual's employment with OHSU. An activity shall be considered a "related outside activity" requiring disclosure and approval when the activity:

  • Requires the employee to use the same academic, professional or institutional expertise for which he or she is employed by OHSU; or
  • Is conducted at OHSU owned or controlled premises, or uses OHSU facilities or support contrary to OHSU policies.

What has changed with the OA disclosure requirements?

Certain types of OAs only need to be disclosed retroactively, on the annual eCoI disclosure. Examples include:

  • Receipt of royalties for published scholarly work
  • Occasional lecture participation with receipt of modest honoraria and expenses*
  • Occasional expert witness testimony not on a contract basis

These activities may be disclosed retroactively on an annual basis.  An estimate of the continuation and frequency of those activities for the next 12 months should be provided.

*Note additional requirements for OHSU employees participating in industry sponsored or industry subsidized lectures described on the speaker's bureau FAQ

Other OAs must be disclosed and approved in advance.  Examples include:

  • Consulting agreements and scientific advisory board appointments
  • Contract appointments to serve as "on-call" expert witnesses
  • Taking a position in a related outside entity
  • Any other related outside activity where a signed contractual agreement will be required.

These activities should be disclosed and approved prior to initiating involvement in the activity and the disclosure should be updated if the activity is modified.


Who has to complete the OA disclosure?

All employees of OHSU are responsible for evaluating their outside activities and determining if they must be disclosed. Annual OA disclosure forms are now required only for the following groups of individuals, defined collectively as "disclosing employees":

Disclosing employees include:

  • OHSU Faculty members
  • OHSU Officers and Unit Leaders
  • Others serving in a management capacity at OHSU (including directors, supervisors, managers, and department administrators).
  • Persons who have delegated contracting authority or delegated fiscal authority over $100
  • Other persons designated by an OHSU Officer or Unit Leader


Where is the OA disclosure form?

If you are required to complete an annual OA disclosure as defined above, you must do so on-line in eCoI.  This module includes an easy check-off if you are not involved in any outside activities requiring disclosure.  eCoI will send out annual reminders so that the disclosure may be completed by the indicated due date. Revisions to disclosures should be submitted as needed.


  • Contact: OHSU Integrity Office – 503-494-8849