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OHSU Food & Nutrition Department's Sustainability Actions

OHSU Food and Nutrition works diligently to increase its sustainable purchasing each year.

Some highlights of our efforts as of December 2014 are:

  • Food and Nutrition spent over $1,000,000 on sustainably grown and produced food in 2014.
  • 68% of beef served at OHSU is raised without antibiotics. 57% of that is locally grown in Wallowa, OR and is completely grass-fed and finished from Carmen Ranch.
  • 100% of our milk and 35% of all Dairy is rBGH-free
  • All beef stock is homemade from the bones of Carmen Ranch's Grass-Fed & Finished beef
  • All lamb is Grass-Fed from Sudan Lamb, in Canby Oregon
  • We purchase approximately $200,000 in local produce each year (about 21% of all produce).
  • 18% of our poultry was raised without the use of antibiotics.
  • 32% of our seafood is certified Marine Stewardship Council or rated on the "Best" list of Seafood Watch.

For detailed information on sustainable food systems and how OHSU has helped to build the infrastructure to support these systems, we developed a YouTube.

View an educational YouTube on Sustainable Food Systems
View the Food & Nutrition website for more information on food services at OHSU