Licenses, Permits & Insurance

OHSU Farmers Market requires that each vendor have a minimum of $1,000,000 in general liability insurance to cover slips and falls in a vendors booth as well as sickness as a result of ingestion of a vendor's product. We do not have an affiliation with any particular vendor, however several have contacted us and given us information. See below.

For information and schedules for other farmers markets throughout the Portland-metro area and the state, please visit the Oregon Farmers Market Association website

Oregon Food Licensing Agencies

Find out more about:

Food Safety At Farmers Markets; Information and Guidelines

Farm Direct Marketing, Agricultural Products

Farm Direct Marketing, Producer Processed Products

Multnomah County Temporary Restaurant Licenses and Food Handlers Permits

847 NE 19th Ave, Suite 350
Portland, OR 97232
503 988-3400
Visit the Multnomah County Temporary Licenses Website

Oregon Department of Agriculture

635 Capitol St. NE 
Salem, Oregon USA 97301-2532 
Visit the General ODA website

ODA Food Safety Division

503 986-4720 voice
503 986-4729 fax
Visit the ODA Food Safety website 

ODA Measurement Standards Division

503 986-4644 voice
503 986-4786 fax
Visit the ODA Measurement Standards website 

ODA Plant Division

503 986-4644 voice
503 986-4786 fax
Visit the ODA Plant Division website 

Farm Direct Nutrition Programs (FDNP)

Women, Infants and Children

If you have questions regarding WIC participation, please call your local WIC clinic or 
1 800 SAFENET or 1 800 723-3638. 

Senior participants

If you have questions regarding senior eligibility or check distribution,  please call Oregon Health Authority at 1 866 299-3562. View the DHS website for the FDNP Program
Find out more about the Oregon Farm Direct Nutrition Program

Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS)

800 NE Oregon St.Portland, OR 97232
503 731-4012
Visit the DHS website