OHSU 20-Year Facilities Master Plan

FMP photo with ghost buildings

OHSU's 20-Year Facilities Master Plan is intended to provide a flexible framework to manage the growth and development of the University's multiple campuses and facilities over the next two decades.  It is important to note that while many large facility and campus design projects are proposed in this plan, each project will require its own thorough due diligence and financial analysis before being approved by the Executive Leadership Team and the OHSU Board of Directors.  Undoubtedly, many of the projects described in this plan will evolve over time and some may not proceed at all.

Long-range planning is an institutional challenge for an organization as large and diverse as OHSU.  Campus development tends to be opportunistic when outside financial support and donor interest provide momentum to a specific project.  Further, OHSU operates in a dynamic environment where market and technological changes greatly impact the University's facility needs.  Therefore, the Campus Planning & Real Estate department will amend this plan every two years and undertake a thorough update once every decade so the plan remains relevant and retains its ability to guide future campus development.

This Facilities Master Plan is divided into eight chapters with the first being an executive summary.  Chapters two through four summarize existing site and facility conditions and describe the programmatic needs that shaped the plan.  Chapters five and six are the key sections that list the facility and campus design projects that are proposed for implementation.  Finally, the last two chapters identify sustainability and performance standards and outline near-term implementation steps recommended for further action.

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