OHSU Knight Cancer Institute to provide free head, neck cancer screenings

04/17/12  Portland, Ore.

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Oregon Health & Science University Knight Cancer Institute is offering free screenings for cancers that develop on the skin (face and scalp) as well as in the mouth, throat and neck. Health care professionals will also provide participants with information about symptoms and risk factors associated with these forms of the disease. Physicians at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute and elsewhere are seeing larger numbers of younger patients who are suffering from cancers that develop on the head (face and scalp) and neck.


7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Friday, April 27. No appointments are necessary. Screenings are first come, first served.


OHSU Center for Health & Healing lobby, 3303 S.W. Bond Ave., Portland, OR 97239. (The Center for Health & Healing is near the base of the Portland Aerial Tram.)




Screening for cancers that develop on the head and neck, including the face, scalp, mouth, throat and thyroid, is quick and painless. It simply involves a physical exam. Along with the screening, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute physicians, OHSU dentists and other physicians will be available to answer questions and help participants learn how to differentiate between harmless symptoms and potentially dangerous signs of cancer. As part of the screening with a physician or dentist, participants will receive a personalized risk assessment for skin cancer on the face and scalp, thyroid cancer and cancers of the mouth, throat and neck.

For additional questions about the screening, call 503-418-9235 or visit head and neck cancer treatment.

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