Show 143

Saturday, June 30, 2012

This week's program is a repeat of a past show

8:06 a.m.

Water-based toxins

We'll meet OHSU researcher Tawnya Peterson who expresses concern about a form of natural pollution in our waterways. Learn More


8:22 a.m.

The many variations of ADHD

Dr. Damien Fair joins us to discuss a new breakthrough that explains why no two children with ADHD are alike. Learn More


8:35 a.m.

Travel medicine

If you're planning a big trip out of the country, Dr. Ann Tseng will tell you about the health precautions you should take and when. Learn More


8:51 a.m.

Exercise and nutrition

Dr. Kerry Kuehl, an expert on exercise and nutrition, tells us about the science behind eating and staying healthy. Learn More