Kids on the playing field
Many of us look forward to fall sports, but serious injuries are always a risk. We'll talk to an OHSU expert who has tips for protecting your kids on the playing field. (9/1/2012)

Back to school eye exams
Dr. Leah Reznick joins us to discuss the importance of eye exams before children head back to school. (9/1/2012)

Knight Diagnostic Laboratories
Listen in as Drs. Alan Sandler and Chris Corless give us insight about the Knight Diagnostic Laboratories.  (9/1/2012)

The vaccine controversy
Vaccines are considered one of man's greatest health breakthroughs yet some parents remain skeptical. Mark Slifka will discuss the vaccine controversy and explain OHSU's efforts to improve vaccines even further. (8/18/2012)

Consent to treatment
How do you determine the best emergency medical treatments when all of your study participants are unable to give consent? Drs. Mohamud Daya and Martin Schreiber join us to discuss. (8/18/2012)

Causes and treatments of arrhythmias
We'll talk about the causes and treatments of arrhythmias. (8/4/2012)

Causes and treatments for heart failure
We'll talk about the many causes and treatments for heart failure. We'll also talk about a new system in place to keep heart patients from having to make repeat trips to the hospital. (8/4/2012)

New heart valves without open heart surgery
It's a heart valve operation that doesn't require open heart surgery. OHSU's experts will tell you about it. (8/4/2012)

The importance of health screenings
We'll talk with the one and only Dr. Oz about his recent visit to the rose city. (7/21/2012)

Doernbecher fetal medicine
Dr. Brian Shaffer, a perinatologist, joins us to discuss OHSU's efforts to track and improve a baby's health before being born. (7/21/2012)

Health reform: what it means to you
Now that the supreme court has ruled, we can start talking about what healthcare reform means to patients. (7/21/2012)

Dr. Oz visits OHSU
We'll talk about the many ways that regular health checkups can save or lengthen your lives. (7/14/2012)

Attention and multitasking
If you think you are good at multitasking…think again. We'll explain why. (7/14/2012)

Summertime safety
Dr. Ben Hoffman, director of the Tom Sargent Safety Center, will join us to talk about how to keep your children safe in the summer. (7/14/2012)

Home health remedies
We’ll have a family health expert join us to talk about home health remedies – what works and what doesn’t. (6/23/2012)

Pediatric pain
We’ll tell you about efforts at DCH to ease patient pain. (6/23/2012)

Egg donation
We’ll hear from fertility experts and patients about helping couples fulfill their family wishes. (6/23/2012)

Hearing loss
Dr. Shelly Boelter joins us to tell you about new technologies connecting patients to doctors up and down the I-5 corridor. (6/16/2012)

Eye protection and the sun
Summer is here…or at least the weatherman says so. Dr. Devin Gattey, will be talking about shielding your eyes from sun damage and the kinds of sunglasses that provide the best protection. (6/16/2012)

Telemedince along I-5
Dr. Miles Ellenby and Dr. Thomas Roe join us to tell you about new technologies connecting patients to doctors up and down the I-5 corridor. (6/16/2012)

Navigating cancer
For those battling cancer, you'll hear about new methods being employed to help patients navigate the system and their illness. (6/2/2012)

Personalized cancer treatment
We'll hear about OHSU's approach to personalized cancer treatment…because no two patients are alike. (6/2/2012)

AIDS research
Dr. Jonah Sacha joins us to discuss promising research in combatting the worldwide epidemic of AIDS. (5/19/2012)

Secrets out at sea
Margo Haygood, OHSU researcher, will share her ideas on the secrets to battling diseases and locating new biofuels. (5/19/2012)

Bariatric surgery
Who should consider surgery as an option for obesity? Dr. Robert O’Rourke joins us to discuss this option and we’ll hear from a patient who made that choice. (5/19/2012)

Women's health
Dr. Renee Edwards joins us to talk about a women's health issue many women are afraid to discuss. Dr. Edwards specializes in surgical and conservative treatment of urinary incontinence and treats various types of pelvic organ prolapse conditions. (5/12/2012)

Body donation
We’ll give you an insider perspective on an important but rarely discussed aspect of medical education. OHSU’s program director, Dr. Bill Cameron, joins us to talk about body donation. We'll also hear from student, Lacey Castellano, who tells us about lessons learned in gross anatomy. (5/12/2012)

Beginning a family
Fertility issues can take a huge mental toll on couples who want to begin a family. Dr. Diana Wu joins us to tell you what OHSU can do to assist. (5/12/2012)

Social workers
They are some of the most important people in the hospital for patients and families in great need. But they aren't doctors or nurses…Sarah Power, social work manager from OHSU Care Management, will introduce them. (5/12/2012)

Combatting stroke
We'll learn about amazing advances to combat stroke, a disease that pits patients and doctors in a race against the clock. Dr. Helmi Lutsep joins us to talk about stroke prevention and treatment. (4/28/2012)

Lowering the C-section rate
We'll learn about efforts to make C-section births less common and therefore less dramatic for moms. Dr. Leonardo Pereira and Ellen Tilden join us to discuss lowering the C-section rate. (4/28/2012)

Nurse care managers – Pilot Program in OHSU Primary Care
Debbie Lamberger shares with us how some very special staff at OHSU want to keep you healthy and out of the doctor's office. (4/28/2012)

Pelvic prolapse
Dr. Mary Anna Denman joins us to talk about a common issue faced by aging women. (4/21/2012)

Head and neck screening
Dr. Neil Gross joins us to discuss a form of cancer that's on the rise and what OHSU is doing to stop it. (4/21/2012)

Likelihood of alcoholism
Did you know that some of us are more likely to have alcohol issues than others? Drs. Bonnie Nagel and Kathy Grant will join us to explain why. (4/21/2012)

Nurse-Midwive's group prenatal care
It's a new approach to help expectant moms prepare for a new addition to the family. Dr. Ellen Tilden will talk about OHSU's Nurse-Midwive's Group. (4/21/2012)

Exercise and nutrition
Dr. Kerry Kuehl, an expert on exercise and nutrition, tells us about the science behind eating and staying healthy. (4/17/2012)

The many variations of ADHD
Dr. Damien Fair joins us to discuss a new breakthrough that explains why no two children with ADHD are alike. (4/17/2012)

Travel medicine
If you're planning a big trip out of the country, Dr. Ann Tseng will tell you about the health precautions you should take and when. (4/17/2012)

Water-based toxins
We'll meet OHSU researcher Tawnya Peterson who expresses concern about a form a natural pollution in our waterways. (4/17/2012)

Participating in research
Dr. Eric Orwoll will give you some insight into how medical breakthroughs take place and how you can be an active participant. (3/31/2012)

Why do people hoard?
Recent news stories and TV shows have highlighted how common hoarding is and how serious its impacts can be on families. OHSU’s hoarding expert, Dr. James Hancey, will talk about the reasons why people hoard and what can be done to help them. (3/31/2012)

Primate research
what do you know about OHSU's primate center? We'll talk to the OHSU employee who gives tours and answers all the tough questions. (3/24/2012)

Does diet affect cancer?
We'll talk about the role that a person's diet plays in combating cancer. (3/24/2012)

Issues in clinical trials
We'll hear about some eye opening research that shows how mental health professionals are prescribing medications with only limited information. (3/24/2012)

Green cafeterias
OHSU is going green! Listen in to find out more about green initiatives in the cafeterias. (3/17/2012)

Let's Get Healthy! outreach & research program
How can research also become family fun? We'll hear about a unique research project at OHSU that teaches families about health studies while allowing them to take part. (3/17/2012)

Preparing for allergy season
Allergy season is coming and OHSU has an expert with advice on getting through the sneezing season. (3/17/2012)

Aging eyes
Dr. Rick W. Fraunfelder joins us to discuss aging eyes. Dr. Fraunfelder specializes in cornea and external diseases, refractive surgery, ocular oncology, and pharmacology and toxicology. (3/10/2012)

New cosmetic treatments
Dr. Anna A. Bar specializes in minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures to reduce the signs of aging and will be joining us to discuss new cosmetic treatments. (3/10/2012)

Preserving fertility during cancer
Listen in to Dr. David M. Lee and Mary B. Zelinski discuss battling cancer while maintaining the ability to have kids. (3/10/2012)

Treatment and prevention of heart disease
Drs. Albert Starr and Sanjiv Kaul join us for the entire hour to talk about a variety of topics including the latest cardiac treatments and preventing heart disease. (2/25/2012)

Living with back pain
We'll also talk with one of our experts about a condition that nags millions: back pain. When should you see a doctor and is surgery always the answer? We'll hear what the experts say. (2/18/2012)

Searching for new cancer treatments
Dr. Tomasz M. Beer, one of our top doctors from the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, joins us to discuss his book on searching for new cancer treatments, how the next breakthrough might come about and what it might be. (2/18/2012)

Are you scared of the dentist?
What are your kids afraid of? The dark, spiders? How about the dentist? An expert pediatric dentist joins us with tips on how to brush those dental fears away. (2/11/2012)

Winter blues
If the rainy season gets you down it may not just be the weather…it could be winter depression. OHSU has an international expert on the subject.  (2/11/2012)

Statewide partnerships
We're taking a road trip. Why? because OHSU doesn't just treat Portlanders. We also team up with doctors across the state to help other communities. (2/11/2012)

Telemedicine with Astoria
Drs. Katrina McPherson and Jennifer Needle join us to discuss OHSU's telemedicine partnership with Columbia Memorial Hospital in Astoria. (2/11/2012)

Yoga and mindfulness
We're talking about yoga and mindfulness with Kimberly Carter. (2/4/2012)

Robotic surgery
Dr. Christopher Amling discusses how robots are helping us battle cancer. (2/4/2012)

Integrated medicine
Dr. Lynne Shinto will tell you what integrated medicine is and why it's so important to so many Oregonians. (2/4/2012)

Family planning
Dr. Jeff Jensen joins us to discuss family planning. (2/4/2012)

OHSU's Brain Awareness season
OHSU’s Brain Awareness Season is just around the corner. We’ll get preview of what’s ahead in this annual celebration of synapses for all ages. (1/28/2012)

Warning signs of child abuse
An expert on child abuse joins us to talk about this highly sensative topic. He’ll tell parents about the warning signs of abuse. (1/28/2012)

Managing pain
We will be talking pain, serious pain. Two OHSU experts join us to talk about their efforts to stop suffering. (1/28/2012)

Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Program
Learn about the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute’s efforts to help teens fight cancer while maintaining a positive outlook on life. (1/14/2012)

Improving health care through simulation
We’ll learn the role that simulation plays in teaching future health care professionals. (1/14/2012)

OHSU's stem cell breakthrough
The researcher behind OHSU’s latest stem cell breakthrough - Dr. Shoukhrat Mitalipov - will be on the show. He'll explain how two cute monkeys will help advance stem cell treatments. (1/14/2012)

Tips for bullied children
Could bullying be an issue for your child? We'll help you find out if that is the case and we'll provide parents with tips to combat the impacts and halt the harassment. (1/7/2012)

Using prescriptions safely
Prescriptions have saved lives and improved them...but they can be dangerous if used incorrectly or if they fall into the wrong hands. We'll share some safety tips. (1/7/2012)

Women and disease
What makes women more susceptible to some infectious diseases? One of our researchers explains. (1/7/2012)

3-D effects on vision
Are you thinking about a 3-D TV or did your child receive a 3-D game system this holiday? We'll talk about eye impacts and whether they are serious or not. (12/31/2011)

Bracing for Braces
Is your child's smile a little crooked? If you fear braces are in your future, OHSU's School of Dentistry experts can answer your questions. Dr. David Covell is in the studio. (12/31/11)

Genetic diagnosis
We will talk about genetic diagnosis...what it's used for and what it's not. (12/31/2011)

Tucking in the children
Is bedtime a nightmare for you? Two of our parenting experts join us to provide tips for tucking your kids in...and having them stay tucked in. (12/31/2011)

Holidays at Doernbecher
What does Doernbecher do to make the holidays brighter for kids who are in the hospital? Tune in to find out how staff and Oregonians alike work overtime to make merry in our children’s hospital. (12/17/11)

Car Seat Safety
Car seats are the law…but simply having one may not protect your child. An OHSU expert on car seat safety will join us…just in time for that car trip to grandmother's house. (12/17/11)

Changes in Health care
OHSU Chief Medical Officer Chuck Kilo, M.D. talks about some major changes to health care and how they will hopefully help improve both our health and our economy. (12/17/11)

Holiday Food and Your Stomach
With holidays around the corner, some Oregonians are in fear of those irresistible foods served at celebrations. If you have longtime stomach problems it may be something worth seeing the doctor about. We'll tell you why. (12/17/11)

Diagnosis of Autism
Autism is a concern for any parent…but the current problem is diagnosing the disease. This week, OHSU’s Jan Van Santen talks about a new tactic under development which would detect the disease at an earlier stage. (12/10/11)

Obesity and Bariatric Surgery
In previous shows we’ve talked about the obesity epidemic and the colossal health problems it is causing. For some, a surgical approach is the answer. We’ll talk with OHSU’s Dr. Bruce Wolfe about who should consider surgery and why. (12/10/11)

Diagnosed With a Healthy Heart
How do doctors determine if you have a healthy heart? OHSU Cardiologist Dr. Seshadri Balaji fills us in. (12/10/2011)

Treating Bad Behavior in Children
Dr. Kurt Freeman discusses behavioral health care of children. (12/10/2011)

Advanced Imaging Research
Did you know advances at OHSU are revealing hidden mysteries in the body without the use of a scalpel? Dr. Charlie Springer tells us about OHSU’s Advanced Imaging Research Center and how it may improve diagnoses and limit unnecessary surgeries. (12/3/2011)

Decreasing Stress to Increase Cheer
Feeling the stress of the holiday season yet? Dr. Danette Haynes gives us tips on how to decrease the tension so you can increase your year-end cheer. (12/3/2011)

Diagnosing a Healthy Heart
How do doctors determine if you have a healthy heart? OHSU Cardiologist Dr. Seshadri Balaji fills us in. (12/03/2011)

Making Your Home Kid Safe
The Oregon Poison Center at OHSU tells us how to make our homes a safer place for kids. We’ll hear from their medical director Dr. Zane Horowitz. (12/3/2011)

Healthy Eating for Kids
It all starts with eating. Hear from OHSU Doernbecher expert Dr. Natasha Polensek how to make sure your kids are eating right. (11/26/2011)

Parenting Kids With ADHD
We’ll hear from two of the university’s best experts on parenting kids with ADHD: Aaron Tabacco and Kurt Freeman. Even if your child is not struggling, some of their ideas might help you in raising a healthier, happier child. (11/26/2011)

Mysterious Cause of ADHD
OHSU researcher Dr. Joel Nigg will drop by to tell us why the mysterious cause of ADHD may be in our environment. (11/26/2011)

OHSU Health Apps
We learn why your smart phone just got a little bit smarter when it comes to managing your health. We’ll be talking OHSU health apps with Dr. Tom Yackel. (11/26/2011)

Healthy Aging
Drs. Henryk Urbanski and Elizabeth Eckstrom will be talking about healthy aging. How do seniors become healthy and stay healthy? (11/19/2011)

High-Tech Expert Connections
Drs. Wayne Clark and Miles Ellenby talk about connecting OHSU experts to the rest of the state through high-tech. (11/19/2011)

Improving Your Memory
OHSU neurologist Dr. Alex Stevens talks about improving one’s memory. (11/19/2011)

Recent AIDS Breakthroughs
OHSU Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute researcher Dr. Louis Picker talks about his recent AIDS breakthrough and the chance of a vaccine in the next decade. (11/19/2011)

Hospitals Serve Up Tasty Meals
Who says hospital food is bland?! It’s not anymore. Hear how chefs in health centers like OHSU are no longer serving your grandfather’s hospital food. (11/12/2011)

Meditation for Soldiers
With two wars going on, we have lots of soldiers returning to the states who could use a little help in reentering American life. One approach to treating post-traumatic Stress Disorder is being tested in OHSU labs by researcher Helane Wahbeh. She’ll tell us how mindful meditation may help these soldiers along with everyday Americans. (11/12/2011)

Microbubbles and Heart Disease
Find out from OHSU’s Dr. Jonathan Lindner what microbubbles are and how these smart little guys may be able to diagnose your heart disease before it becomes a major problem. (11/12/2011)

Care After Retirement
Nursing expert Mary Naylor, who is visiting us from the University of Pennsylvania, tells us why nurses at OHSU and elsewhere will play a major role in caring for us after retirement. (11/12/2011)

BODY WORLDS & The Brain is a new exhibit at OMSI. OHSU has teamed up with the Portland’s science museum to educate visitors on the inner workings of the mind. This week we will hear from BODY WORLDS Creative Director Angelina Whalley. She’ll tell us all about the exhibit and what future visitors have in store. (11/5/2011)

Doernbecher and Nike Design Shoes
Take an inside look at a program that pairs Doernbecher patients with Nike designers to develop amazing shoes popular with kids and adults alike. Nike employees, OHSU patients and OHSU physicians join us to explain how shoes are providing kicks for sick kids on the mend. (11/5/2011)

How Loud is Too Loud
Listen up! A hearing expert from OHSU is on tap next. OHSU’s Dr. Billy Martin tells us how loud is too loud and offers advice to ensure that loud music doesn’t impair your teen’s hearing. (11/5/2011)

Healing Unhealthy Hearts
An OHSU physician whose name is forever linked to the heart will be on the show. Dr. Albert Starr, co-inventor of the Starr-Edwards heart valve, will be on the show to talk about his amazing work and what lies ahead in regards to healing unhealthy hearts. (10/29/2011)

Aging and Vision Loss
Dr. Grace Tran of OHSU’s Casey Eye Institute. Dr. Tran will talk about one of the serious side-effects of aging: vision loss. She’ll talk about protecting vision later in life. She’ll offer guidance in determining when vision loss can impair driving. Her appearance comes on the same day as a popular eye event in the Northwest: Casey Eye Institute’s Macular Degeneration and Low Vision Expo. More info about the event here for those who want to attend. (10/29/2011)

Finally, flu season is just around the corner. OHSU Doernbecher’s Dr. Dawn Nolt tells parents all they need to know about vaccinations. (10/22/2011)

Contacts or LASIK
Is your once-clear vision a little blurred? The big question nowadays is contacts or LASIK. Casey Eye Institute Dr. William Mathers talks about the benefits and risks. (10/22/2011)

Diabetes as an Epidemic
OHSU Diabetes expert Dr. Andrew Ahmann discusses an epidemic that is growing along with American’s waistlines…diabetes. What is being done to keep the disease in check? (10/22/2011)

Families Coping with ADHD
It’s a medical condition that impacts entire families. Many times, a child with ADHD leaves parents searching for answers. Siblings often feel the impacts too. So what is a family to do? OHSU has an expert that specializes in treating ADHD as a family affair and he also sees a key role for fathers raising an ADHD child. Join host Lacey Evans as she talks to OHSU’s Aaron Tabacco. (10/22/2011)

Music & the Brain
Ever had a particular piece of music stuck in your head? OHSU neurologist Larry Sherman explains how music works with the brain and why music plays such an important role in our lives. (10/15/2011)

Combating Parkinson's with Surgery
Dr. Burchiel was a pioneer of an extraordinary surgical technique that can combat the tremors associated with Parkinson’s and other brain disorders. Hear how it works from Dr. Burchiel and OHSU patient, Kirk McFarland, whose life was changed by this brain breakthrough. (10/15/2011)

Breakthroughs in Brain Science
Dr. Stenzel-Poore talks about recent breakthroughs in brain science and how science can more quickly turn brain discoveries into real treatments for Alzheimer’s and other brain-related disorders. (10/15/2011)

The leader of OMSI and the leader of the world-class OHSU Brain Institute describe what you’ll see and learn about your amazing brain in the upcoming exhibit. (10/15/2011)

Dr. Allison Fryer, an OHSU researcher developing new treatments for asthma teams up with her husband OHSU pulmonologist David Jacoby to talk about the current and future treatments that will help asthma suffers breath a bit easier. We’ll hear how OHSU may be on the verge of a finding that may significantly improve the lives of asthma patients. If you want to hear more, join Dr. Fryer for her Marquam Hill Lecture on October 20th. (10/8/11)

Never Enough Sleep
If there’s one thing we can all agree upon, it’s that we could all use more sleep. Millions suffer from sleep issues…and it’s not something any one of us should take lying down. Drs. Holger Link and Kyle Johnson of the OHSU Sleep Disorders Program join us to talk about sleep. How much do we need? How many hours should our kids sleep? What are the warning signs that we may have a sleep disorder that requires treatment? Wake up with us on Saturday to talk about sleep. (10/8/2011)

According to a new international poll, many people fear Alzheimer’s as much as they fear cancer. Dr. Joe Quinn will talk about the latest advancements in diagnosing and treating Alzheimer’s and dementia. He will also talk about OHSU’s cutting-edge research efforts. (10/1/2011)

Head Injury Prevention in Children
Kayt will tell us about the risky activities the cause the majority of head injuries in kids. She’ll also talk about the program’s efforts to make sure all kids wear bike helmets. (10/1/2011)

Respecting the Aging's Health Wishes
Dr. Tolle will offer advice on having important discussions with aging parents about their health care needs and plans. She will explain how Oregon has become a national leader in this area and what OHSU is doing to further ensure that the health wishes of Oregon’s aging residents are respected. (10/1/2011)

Packing a Healthy Lunch
Dr. Stadler will offer parents advice on packing a healthy lunch. She’ll explain past and current research that helps parents feed their kids a healthy diet. Some of her suggestions may surprise you! (10/1/2011)

Advancements in Radiology
At OHSU, radiology (imaging the body) is an area that is constantly changing and improving. Dr. Pollock will talk about the many advancements in imaging, including improvements that help reduce anxieties in patients young and old. (9/24/2011)

Toxins in Everyday Life
Dr. Berman will talk about toxins that Oregonians may come into contact with in everyday life. He’ll explain what parents should worry about and what should not raise significant health concerns. He will also address many of the recent controversies in the news surrounding toxins such as the concern about chemicals in plastic bottles that may or may not impact human health. (9/24/2011)

Racing for a Cure
Leading up the the Race for the Cure, Carol Marquez, M.D. talks about the current state of breast cancer treatment and research. She tells listeners about preventing breast cancer and the latest therapies to beat it. (9/17/11)

Childhood Obesity
Daniel Marks, M.D., Ph.D. talks about the growing problem of childhood obesity and what can be done to slow it. He tells listeners about the serious impacts that being overweight has on children and OHSU's efforts to combat the epidemic. (9/17/11)

Developmental Origins of Health & Disease
Kent Thornburg, Ph.D. talks about a major conference held in Portland where researchers studying the fetal origins of disease gather. The conference is called the World Congress on Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD). The meeting focuses on the factors in the womb that can impact a person's lifelong health. These factors include stress hormones, the mother's diet and low oxygen in the womb. (9/17/11)

Pediatric vision correction
When should you have your child's vision tested, how often? How about contacts versus glasses? Ann Stout, M.D. talks about pediatric vision correction. (9/10/11)

Sports injury risks for student athletes
In light of a recent focus on concussions among student athletes, James Chesnutt, M.D. talks about fall sports, the risk of sports injuries for student athletes, and offers ways to ensure students have a healthy sports season. (9/10/11)

Oregon's obesity epidemic
Jonathan Purnell, M.D. talks about Oregon's obesity epidemic and research efforts at OHSU to combat this growing problem. He also offers advice based on research evidence to those battling weight issues. (9/10/11)

Welcome to the show
OHSU President Joe Robertson, M.D., M.B.A. talks about what listeners will hear in the upcoming weeks: health information derived from our patient care and research aimed at improving the health and well-being of all Oregonians across the state. (9/10/11)