Creating Jobs

The OHSU Effect
OHSU research draws investment to Oregon

OHSU research draws investment to Oregon.

Research at OHSU leads to new cures and brings hundreds of millions of dollars into Oregon each year – including a record high $392 million in fiscal year 2010. Nearly 95 percent of that funding comes from out of state and would flow elsewhere in the absence of OHSU. Biomedical research is one of Oregon’s key traded sectors, bringing economic growth to our communities. Overall, OHSU has a total economic impact of nearly $4 billion annually in Oregon.

Improving Oregonians’ health today and tomorrow.

Basic research has the capacity to fundamentally change how we prevent disease and encourage health. Clinical trials offer the newest treatments today, while discoveries in the lab lead to new cures tomorrow. Researchers work with others to establish the best standards of care, determining what is most effective for the patient and less costly for the system. Those advances help our economy and – more importantly – help people here and worldwide lead healthier lives. 
Improving Oregonians’ health today and tomorrow
Building a community of discovery

Building a community of discovery.

In many of OHSU’s 4,100 research projects, OHSU scientists collaborate with researchers from other universities and institutions in Oregon and around the world. The critical mass of scientists located here was created in part by the state’s Oregon Opportunity investment. Their efforts draw other scientists to join them and link Oregon to the leading edge of health discovery. OHSU outreach, particularly to underrepresented communities, helps young people enter promising careers
in health and science.

Innovation creates spin-off businesses.

OHSU research has led to 37 spin-off companies since 2000. Of these, the 25 companies located in Oregon have contributed $180 million to Oregon’s economy through spending on payroll, goods and services. Existing companies also benefit from OHSU innovations as new markets are opened.
Innovation creates spin-off businesses
Research grants create jobs

Research grants create jobs.

Each new research grant is like the creation of a new small business. The lead researcher hires other researchers, lab technicians and assistants, and buys equipment and services. Nearly 1,500 scientists are at work at OHSU; their efforts advance knowledge while creating other jobs in the community. Federal stimulus funding received by OHSU in the last two years has generated more than 500 full-
and part-time jobs in Oregon.

Economic Impact of OHSU

As the only academic health center in Oregon, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) provides a wide variety of unique benefits to local and state residents. OHSU’s economic impacts range from job creation to better health.

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