Paul and Maureen Casey

Supporting eye health is a Casey family affair

Maureen and Paul CaseyIn large measure, the powerful impact of the Casey Eye Institute is due to the enduring support of the Casey family. Paul and Maureen Casey are part of a thriving multigenerational tradition of partnership between this distinguished family and the eye institute that bears their name. The Caseys have most recently supported the institute’s exciting vision to expand its capacity to conduct advanced clinical trials of new gene- and cell-based therapies. In an expanded Casey Translational Clinical Trials Center, a broad array of innovative new therapies for blinding eye diseases can be tested and finetuned. Such expertise is available at few other eye centers in the world.

To bring this dream to reality, Paul Casey made a leadership gift of $1 million and daughter Maureen followed suit with a $63,000 gift of stock. The family’s giving has inspired others to invest, including Richard M. Clark, who contributed $200,000 toward this $10 million vision.

“For me, this is a very special relationship. Our three-generation partnership with the Caseys demonstrates the long-term power of philanthropy.”
– Joe Robertson, M.D., M.B.A., OHSU president