Donor stories - John and Nancy Dornan

John and Nancy Dornan

Estate gift fuels the search for a cure

At the dining room table of their sunny, spacious home in Oregon City, overlooking their well-tended vegetable gardens, John and Nancy Dornan recall what it has been like to care for friends and family facing memory loss. "My dad had dementia," said Nancy. "He was a vibrant man, and the dementia took him away from us." The couple also watched a close friend slip away to the disease – forgetting how to drive a car and grasping for words to express his thoughts. "It takes your independence away," said John. "It's just really sad when that happens to people."

John and Nancy Dornan's storyTheir empathy for these losses inspired John and Nancy to further help people who are facing dementia or Alzheimer's. The Dornans chose to include OHSU's Layton Aging and Alzheimer's Disease Center in their estate plans, and created a bequest in honor of Nancy's parents, Bud and Lyda Huseman. "We feel strongly that research is very important," says Nancy. "We hope they will find a cure to end dementia, as well as preventive measures and new ways to help people better deal with their loss of memory until a cure is found."

The Dornans considered many options to create a legacy for Nancy's parents, and chose to support the Layton Center because of their confidence in OHSU. "The doctors and staff are dedicated and passionate," said Nancy. "And OHSU is not just for the privileged few. We wanted to do something that will help everybody who needs it."

The Dornans bequest is an investment in brain health for future generations, says Jeffrey Kaye, M.D., executive director of the Layton Center. "Through their generosity, the Dornans have created a legacy for Bud and Lyda Huseman that will advance our understanding of dementia and enable us to improve lives."

For more information how you can include the Layton Center in your estate plans, please contact our Gift Planning team.