Donor stories - George and Janet Boldt


George Boldt and his wife Janet are tried-and-true Oregonians. The retired owner of an import steel business, George loves the state he has lived in for more than 50 years and recognizes that being an Oregonian has contributed to his success in business and his happiness in life. “The area has been very good to us,” he says. “We are appreciative of what Oregon allowed us to do and the way we’ve been treated.”

George is matter-of-fact about his reasons for joining the Frank Doernbecher Guild by including Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in his estate planning: “We simply wanted in some small way to give back.” The Boldts want to do what they can to help sick children, and they know that their contributions to Doernbecher dramatically benefit the lives of young people. “The prospect of helping children who might not have much of a chance otherwise is quite compelling,” says George. “We believe that supporting OHSU and Doernbecher is a very nice way for us to return some of the blessings we received being Oregonians.”