Spring 2013

Celebrating the Power of Philanthropy

Simulation: The very real future of health care education

simulation-coverBefore they fly solo, commercial airline pilots log hundreds of hours in flight simulators training for any eventuality. And yet until the 1990s, the same could not be said of an emergency room team. Today things are different, thanks to simulation training designed to provide low-risk practice for high-stakes situations. OHSU's world-class simulation faculty – and philanthropic community – will play a key role in taking simulation to a new level. More 

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Stopping the Clock on Stroke Damage

stroke-telemedicine-telestrokeFor stroke patients, time is brain.With a limited window to deliver the most effective treatments, immediate access to expert care is imperative. OHSU is delivering stroke care around the clock to communities throughout the state – with doctors who can be in two places at once. More

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OHSU Celebrates 125 Years

Philanthropy has played a central role in OHSU's rich history, and is helping to shape a bright future.


Extraordinary Investments

Silvers contribute to the transformation of health care

M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust Reaches $25 Million Milestone

Susan G. Komen for the Cure Reaches $10 Million Milestone

Other extraordinary investments



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