Community Connections June 2014

All Oregon communities share the common desire to have access to the best available health care and health education.

OHSU helps by providing care to the underserved, extending the reach of health care, engaging in research vital to public and community health issues, and sharing the latest in medical advances.

OHSU hope to learn how it can connect with your community to improve the health of all Oregonians and provide learning opportunities to people who are interested in careers in health and science.

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One Down ribbon

Knight Challenge roundup

OHSU continues in its campaign to meet Phil and Penny Knight’s challenge to raise $500 million to fight cancer. Along with the campaign comes the opportunity to increase awareness about this devastating disease and be amazed by the dedication of business leaders here in Portland and around the state.  OHSU has raised more than $300 million toward the $500 million goal.

Here are two examples of how the campaign is progressing:

One Down FB App

Celebrating Survivors

On June 1, OHSU’s campaign celebrates cancer survivors everywhere. OHSU is urging cancer survivors to share their stories on our Knight Cancer Institute Facebook page.

OHSU is also launching a Facebook application that allows people to change their profile picture to a special icon that celebrates an important date in their cancer journey or commemorates someone they love.

Find out more on how to join us.

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Wayne Drinkward

The shovel in the ground

“A campaign is like building a building,” said Wayne Drinkward, longtime OHSU supporter and president of Hoffman Construction Company. “You have a vision, but it doesn’t work until you get the right people together and stick a shovel in the ground. So that’s what I chose to do: create a challenge here that sticks a shovel in the ground and just start raising money.”

Drinkward offered that shovel to his employees when he challenged them to raise $250,000 for the Knight Cancer Challenge. He put plenty of skin in the game too, pledging that the company would match that quarter million—and then he would match the $500,000 with a personal gift. The Hoffman employee team — all 174 of them — didn’t just meet Drinkward’s target, they blew right past it. With the personal and company match, the company’s gift totaled $1,446,328.

Read more about Oregon companies pitching in.

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Let us commence

OHSU is proud to announce the graduating class of 2014, many of which will be the state and region’s health care providers, biomedical scientists and leaders in the future. In total, 1,198 degrees will be awarded this month to students in various health care and bioscience programs at OHSU.

Commencement ceremonies for the OHSU School of Medicine and School of Nursing are June 2. Ceremonies for the OHSU School of Dentistry, the Oregon State University/OHSU College of Pharmacy and for School of Nursing campuses outside of Portland will be June 13 and 14.

See more details about OHSU’s amazing graduates.

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Ryan from Coos Bay

Telemedicine — Like Skype on steroids

A healthy 8-year-old, Ryan had been sick for a week with fever and cough when the doctor examined him. Pneumonia had infected both lungs. Ryan’s oxygen level was so low; he needed to be hospitalized to receive extra oxygen and additional treatments.

After being admitted to Bay Area Hospital, Ryan’s condition deteriorated further. His breathing became more labored and rapid, and he needed even more oxygen. A telemedicine consultation with Doernbecher Children’s Hospital pediatric intensive care specialists was arranged, where ultra-high definition video conferencing was used to connect OHSU specialists to Ryan’s doctor in Coos Bay.

Learn more of Ryan’s story and how telemedicine is keeping patients in their own communities for care around the state.

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