Community Connections March 2013

All Oregon communities share the common desire to have access to the best available health care and health education.

OHSU helps by providing care to the underserved, extending the reach of health care, engaging in research vital to public and community health issues, and sharing the latest in medical advances.

OHSU hope to learn how it can connect with your community to improve the health of all Oregonians and provide learning opportunities to people who are interested in careers in health and science.

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John McConnell, M.D.
John McConnell, M.D.

Gauging the effects of health care reform

The nation has its eyes on Oregon following last year's $1.9 billion federal grant to curb health care costs. OHSU has a role to play, not just as a provider participating in reform, but as an academic center providing rigorous, independent analysis of what works and what doesn't.

OHSU's Center for Health Systems Effectiveness, funded by the National Institutes of Health and Phil and Barbara Silver, will help to provide some answers.

Learn more about the importance of this work.

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OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute

A game-changing play

With a $125 million gift to OHSU in September 2012, Nike co-founder and chairman Phil Knight and his wife, Penny, made what is believed to be the largest reported private philanthropic investment to advance cardiovascular medicine in the United States. Their landmark pledge established the new OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute, which is dedicated to quickly translating laboratory discoveries into new and better treatments for the world's No. 1 killer.

Read more about this opportunity for Oregon.

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125 Years


  1. A 125th anniversary
  2. A celebration marking such an anniversary
  3. A mouthful

As OHSU celebrates its 125 years of service to the state we are reaching out with a heartfelt thank you to the community for helping to build Oregon's world-class academic health center. We've been marking the year with free health care screenings, lectures and a historical exhibit to open in downtown Portland this month.

Learn more and join us.

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Collaborating in the health sciences

Three of Oregon's top universities are working together on a unique project in the South Waterfront District in Portland. Oregon State University, Portland State University and OHSU will share a new building to expand each institution's teaching facilities, class sizes and research activities. The partnership will also create new employment opportunities and serve as an educational model for the future.

Take a peek at what's new on the waterfront.

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OHSU in the news

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