Alcohol Policy

Serving of Alcohol Policy 07-90-025



No alcohol shall be served or consumed (1) on OHSU owned or controlled property, whether at an OHSU sponsored event or not, or (2) at an OHSU sponsored event, held on premises not owned or controlled by OHSU, unless approved by the division or department head (or equivalent) and responsible Unit Leader of the sponsoring group. An event held on premises not owned or controlled by OHSU shall not be considered an OHSU sponsored event if no institutional funds or resources are used and attendance is not required by OHSU management.


Except for events at the President's residence or events approved by the Executive Vice President responsible for Protocol and Events (the "Executive Vice President") or his or her designee, no event shall be approved under section 1(A) for use of alcohol, unless:

(1) It is sponsored by a unit or division of OHSU or by an organization or group which is recognized and associated with OHSU through its programs of education, research, patient care or community service; and

(2) The sponsoring group abides by and observes the OHSU Alcohol Use Risk Control Plan described below, which Plan shall automatically apply to any event approved under Section 1(A) ; and

(3) Applicable Oregon Liquor Control Commission permits or licenses have been procured or will be procured prior to the final approval of the event.

(a) Events at which attendees are required to pay for alcohol, either directly or indirectly (e.g., there is a charge for the event which helps cover beverage costs) will require the sponsoring organization to obtain a license from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. One day or special event licenses are available.

(b) Events for which there is no charge, either directly or indirectly, for beverages will not require the sponsoring organization to obtain a license from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.


Where alcohol is to be served, the following rules and guidelines must be observed:

A. No alcohol may be served to or by anyone not of legal drinking age.

B. No alcohol may be served to anyone who is visibly intoxicated or any OHSU employee who the server knows, or has reason to believe, has not completed their normal work schedule.

C. Non-alcoholic beverages and food must be available throughout the event.

D. All servers (vendors or others) who will be serving alcohol at the approved event must, prior to serving, be aware of and agree to abide by all requirements of the alcohol use risk control plan and other applicable OHSU policies.

E. Alternative transportation options must be available for anyone who has been served alcohol. Sponsors shall see that information about such options is made available to attendees at the event.

F. The amount of time at which alcohol will be available should be limited to a reasonable time frame and should cease at least 30 minutes prior to the conclusion of the event. Unless a meal, or the equivalent of a meal, is provided, serving should be restricted to ninety (90) minutes.

G. OHSU employees attending OHSU sponsored functions shall not consume alcohol unless they have fully completed their normal work schedule (see Policy No. 03-30-095, prohibition on being under the influence).

H. Alcohol shall be served by an approved vendor chosen from a list of approved vendors maintained by Protocol and Events or by a commercial hosting facility licensed to serve alcohol when the event is held at such facility.

I. Sponsors must ensure that all applicable rules, laws, and other requirements, such as liquor licensing requirements, are met.


For events on OHSU-owned or controlled property, the sponsoring group shall complete the Events Alcohol Approval Form at least five (5) business days prior to the event. Notification will then be sent to Risk Management, Public Safety, and Protocol and Events.  Submission of this form does not confirm approval for this event. You will receive a response regarding your status within three days.

If the Director of Public Safety determines that Public Safety personnel need to be on site or available, the sponsoring group shall be responsible to pay the cost of providing Public Safety personnel for the event.


Except as the Executive Vice President or his designee or OHSU policy provides otherwise (see Policy No. 06-60-010), institutional funds may not be expended to purchase alcoholic beverages.


As is true for violations of OHSU policies generally, failure to follow these policies may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. Further, failure to abide by these requirements may result in confiscation of the misused substance or other penalties, including personal liability for the employee involved for any fines, litigation or other costs involved as a result of such failure.