Fundraising Materials

Event proposals are individually reviewed. Be sure to note on your Community Fundraising Proposal Form  if you would like us to send you Doernbecher brochures, balloons or if you would like us to add your event to the Doernbecher Foundation Event Calendar


Logo Use

Use of the Doernbecher Hospital or Foundation logos must be approved by the Doernbecher Foundation in advance of distribution and / or release of your event materials. Be sure to indicate your wish to use it on your Community Fundraising Proposal Form.


Patient Stories & Videos


On-Line Fundraising

1.  Create your personal on-line giving page

2.  Go to the First Giving  site
3.  Click on the "Create a Page" button
4.  Search for "Doernbecher Children's Hospital"
5.  Select "Doernbecher Children's Hospital." The EIN is 93-0579589
6.  Select the box, "Start Fundraising"
7.  Select the event that best fits and continue through the set-up
8.  Set up your profile and share it by e-mail and social media outlets


Fundraising Tracking Form

If you have collected donations on behalf of the Doernbecher Foundation, please submit the Fundraising Tracking Form. Donations submitted without a full name and address are considered anonymous and the donor will not receive a receipt.  

Show your appreciation to all of your donors and volunteers by sending a thank you note at the conclusion of your fundraising efforts. Let them know that you appreciate the help they gave you. Remember to tell them how much you were able to raise and what an impact their contribution will have at the hospital. 

Checks made out to Doernbecher Foundation and cash donation ($5 or greater) clearly labeled with donor information will be provided with a tax deductible receipt.