Greatest Need

Support Doernbecher

The biggest challenges and most exciting opportunities do not always happen according to schedule. Gifts to our Area of Greatest Need fund provide Doernbecher’s leaders with the flexibility to allocate resources where and when they are needed most.

Every dollar raised goes where it can do the most good right now, whether that’s curing kids with cancer, mending broken hearts and bones, stopping seizures, saving the tiniest babies, or training the next generation of pediatric specialists.

Because of donations to the Area of Greatest Need, Doernbecher is able to help kids in ways like this:

  • Thanks to a kidney transplant at Doernbecher, an eight-year-old boy in West Linn is sleeping soundly. He no longer needs home dialysis every night.
  • Doernbecher cardiothoracic surgeons are able to operate on a heart the size of a walnut, treating even the tiniest newborns.
  • When a five-year-old boy had a seizure, a doctor was monitoring his brain – and learned the best way to keep his brain safe from harm.
  • Parents who are staying with their children at Doernbecher can take a shower and do laundry on site. These practical amenities make life easier for families.
  • Parents making the drive from Medford to Doernbecher for their child’s treatment have been given a $100 gas card to help defray travel costs. Any amount of support adds up to big help for a family struggling with medical expenses and missing days at work.