Meet Kira Smith

 Kira Smith
Age: 17
Diagnosis: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Department: Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Doctor(s): Ajit Jetmalani, M.D.
Favorite Color: Red, black and white
Favorite Movie: Labyrinth (because I love David Bowie!)
Hero: Jesus Christ
Perfect Day:

I would have time to write all I want and I’d get a chance to work on my fashion designs.  I’d also get to host a party for all of my closest friends and we would spend the rest of the day together.

Stats: Doernbecher's Child and Adolescent Psychiatry team is dedicated to addressing the special needs and challenges of children of all ages while providing expert psychiatric care.


Kira's Doernbecher Freestyle Collection

Kira's Nike Dunk Sky High drew inspiration from her love of Victorian era fashion and Alice in Wonderland.
Footwear_Hero_0735 website


Kate's signature shoe includes her actual signature.

Footwear_Hero_0742 website


Kate chose ribbons for the laces and also included a bow detail.

Footwear_Hero_0746 website


As part of her Doernbecher Freestyle collection, Kate also designed this tank that matches her shoe design.

Footwear_Hero_0785 website