Meet Jake Dering

 Jake Dering
Age: 8
Diagnosis: Oto-Palatal-Digital Syndrome Type II
Department: Pediatric Neurosurgery
Doctor(s): Nate Selden, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.S., F.A.A.P.
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Athlete: Lebron James
Favorite Movie: Karate Kid
Hero: My mom, because she saved my life
Perfect Day:

Record music with Will.i.am, Usher and Justin Bieber. Then be able to run as fast as I can without using my crutches and eat cake!

Stats: Doernbecher's neuro team delivers the highest caliber care, driven by the latest medical research, for kids with all types of neurological disorders from epilepsy to brain tumors.


Jake's Doernbecher Freestyle Collection

Jake's Free Run 5.0 - nicknamed the "Free Jake"

Footwear_Hero_0243 website


Jake included personal mottos on his sockliners like "Be Brave!"

Footwear_Hero_0265 website


And "Never Give Up!"

Footwear_Hero_0277 website


"Free Jake" is printed along the tongue of his shoe.

Footwear_Hero_0261 website


The inside of his shoe reads "I wasn't made to fit in, I was made to stand out."

Footwear_Hero_0288 website


Jake's Doernbecher Freestyle collection also includes a hoody and a cap, both feature his personal logo.

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