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The migration of content from existing CommonSpot public websites to new Drupal websites will be a manual process done by content authors. Digital Strategy is planning a rolling migration in a series of 3 general waves. Authors are trained in their designated wave. After training, authors will be granted access and will immediately start migrating content. It is expected that typical sites should be migrated within 3-4 weeks, with larger sites taking slightly longer. After content entry is completed, the site owner communicates with their Digital Strategy Site Project Manager who will then schedule the site for QA, review and testing, and eventually launch. Site Owners should also provide a list of redirects which will be used to temporarily redirect pages from old CommonSpot sites to new Drupal sites.

Training Assets and Examples 

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Story Book balcony promo

Story Book Balcony Promo

This is an example of a Promo with an image which is part of the Drupal tasks.

Building Information Element

Biomedical Information Communication Center

Brick building with Library sign on the side
3280 SW Sam Jackson Park Road
Portland, Oregon 97239