Drupal Training Content

Welcome to the Drupal Basics Content site .  This is the main content area for Drupal Basics training containing content, assets and examples, as well as information about the exercises  conducted during training.  This particular page is an example of a  landing page.  What distinguishes  a landing page from the more commonly used basic page is the presence of a banner.  Different layout options are also available for landing pages compared to  basic pages.  Landing pages can also be a little trickier in terms of their complexity and how they function.  For best results, we highly recommend that you access landing pages for editing via the Group dashboard

Each website may have its own landing page, depending on the structure defined by your team.  However, while each group may have a landing page, it is not strictly required.  A landing page is one of several content types currently available to you in Drupal.  Another content type is a basic page.  A few other content types include article, and event, however there are others that you will encounter after gaining access to Drupal. The first step in creating new content on a page is to select the correct content type.

This section that you are reading is using the full width layout of a page.  Down below is an example of a 2-column layout, one of several layout options available in Drupal. Stick around for training and you'll learn more about these bolded terms and lots more about OHSU's implementation of Drupal.

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