Tammie's Birth Story

We are writing to acknowledge the outstanding experience we had with the OHSU Midwifery Department…After we discovered we were pregnant last August, I decided to see what options OHSU offered. Our original intent for our birthing experience was to have both waterbirth and medical intervention only as needed.  

At [the nurse intake visit] …I was overwhelmed at the changes I was facing and [the Nurse] was immediately calming and non-judgmental.  What struck me immediately was that she really listened.  Her attention was real, not cursory, and it was enough to help me feel in charge of my pregnancy.

…Our first appointment with [the midwife] was on a particularly busy day for the midwives.  Our appointment needs didn’t take much time, and we took care of business and went home.  But, [the midwife] called me at home later that evening, just to make sure I hadn’t felt rushed and to see if I really had gotten all my questions answered. I was very impressed by her dedication to helping me, her patient.

[During my labor] my Midwife led her team to guide me through the rough spots.  She provided me with straightforward information when I asked for it, and made sure that she and the rest of the team spoke in hushed tones the rest of the time. The hushed tones were immensely helpful in allowing me to focus on letting my body to just do what it needed to do.

When the actual delivery was at hand, I remember the midwives massaging my feet.  Who would have thought such a seemingly simple thing would have been so completely relaxing in the middle of labor and pushing?

My husband, obviously, had a broader vantage point during the process, and later said my midwife was like Yoda (from the ‘Star Wars’ films): wise, peaceful, and unmistakably in charge.

We would also like to acknowledge the nurses, midwives, and midwifery and nursing students involved.

Please know that we are eternally grateful and unbelievably impressed by our experience at one of the most physically painful, emotionally tender, and all-around rewarding times in our lives.