Pre-Purchase Sperm Samples

I. Samples pre-purchased from OHSU

A Fees

At the time the samples are pre-purchased, the patient pays the full cost of the samples plus an initial processing fee of $50.

B Storage

  1. The first 6 months of storage are free.
  2. Storage past the first 6 months, regardless of the number of samples stored, is billed at $250 (the yearly storage rate).
  3. Payment is made in full at the beginning of each yearly Storage Period after the first 6 months.
  4. No refund is given for a partial year's storage.
  5. No sample withdrawal fee is charged for sample retrieval and usage.
  6. Storage begins with the pre-purchase of the first sample. Storage terminates:
    1. at the end of the first 6 months or at the yearly expiration date if the annual fee is not paid; or
    2. when all samples have been used and none remain in the Bank

Only one Storage Period can be in effect at a time. Pre-purchase of additional samples during an existing Storage Period does not initiate a new Storage Period and the expiration date for these samples is the expiration date associated with the existing Storage Period. Pre-purchase of additional samples when no Storage Period is in effect due to a) or b) above initiates a new Storage Period. Samples for which the annual fee has not been paid by the expiration date revert to the ownership of the OHSU Andrology Lab and no Buy-Back is made.

7. Notification of yearly storage renewal is made one month in advance of the expiration date.

Buy-back policy

1. Buy-back of OHSU pre-purchased samples is made according to the following schedule:

Elapsed Time Buy-Back Rate
0-1 years 50% of original cost
1-2 years 25%
>2 year no refund

2. The Andrology  laboratory must receive a written request to Buy-Back samples. Failure to pay the annual fee does not constitute a request to Buy-Back. 

II. Released samples

  1. OHSU samples removed from OHSU storage and transported off campus have a "released specimen" status.  Under no circumstances will these "released" samples be repurchased by OHSU.
  2. Frozen samples can be returned for the user's continued storage for a $40 fee.
  3. Samples are held in OHSU storage for 3 months at no additional charge. However, if any samples remain after 3 months a yearly storage fee is assessed  and payable in full at the beginning of the storage period. No refund is given for partial year storage.