Marilyn's Urogynecology Story

When I had a prolapsed bladder, my gynecologist referred me to Dr. Denman at OHSU. And Dr. Denman was excellent: Lovely, pleasant and professional. We talked about options and decided I was a good candidate to have this fixed surgically.

I went through a number of tests before surgery, including a bladder voiding test—not really fun, but necessary. We scheduled the surgery for August. I wasn't nervous, but I was more awestruck at only having these tiny little holes to do the procedure: We did the minimally invasive, robot-assisted surgery. It was a great way to go, though I was nervous beforehand: I remember them being ready to knock me out, and when I woke up, I was afraid the surgery hadn't happened at all, that they had changed their minds!

I was able to go home the same day. The nurses in the post-op area were very supportive by helping me walk.I remember feeling okay, but tired. My daughter walked me into the Safeway so we could fill some prescriptions, and I hardly remember that. When I woke up the next day, I felt really good!

Of course I wasn't supposed to lift anything over five pounds for 12 weeks: That was one of the hardest parts, since I am normally pretty active. But at my 12-week checkup, everything looked great, and Dr. Denman gave me the go-ahead to return to do everything I used to do. So now, I'm back to yoga, jogging and raking all those big bunches of leaves we get here.