Malka's Fertility Story

By Malka

Malka and her wife

My wife and I didn’t think we’d have any trouble conceiving, but things don’t always work out the way you want. We had all of my hormone levels tested—I was fine, our donor was fine, but we still couldn’t conceive. After three years of trying, we came to OHSU to work with Dr. Paula Amato.

There, for the first time, my day 3 estradiol was tested, not just my FSH hormone levels. We learned that I have low ovarian reserve. After all of our efforts, we were disheartened by this news, which meant that time was of the essence; my eggs were going quickly.

We did an IUI treatment, knowing if it didn’t work, we’d start IVF. Well, I didn’t conceive, so it was on to the next step. The hormone injection process was pretty hard on me physically and emotionally; I expected some mood swings, but I got more than I bargained for. When it came time to harvest the eggs, they were able to retrieve six—not a lot, but given my low reserves, that was to be expected. Four fertilized eggs matured, two were inserted—and one took. I’m now 22 weeks pregnant.

The staff was sweet and supportive, and always willing to work with our needs. I also appreciated that they have a sense of humor.

Not knowing we were going to end up needing fertility treatment, I’m glad we made our home in Portland. OHSU is a great healthcare resource; the fertility clinic has helped us achieve our dream of becoming mothers.