Kary's Urogynecology Story

I’d had a leaky bladder for a few years. About a year ago, I underwent a full hysterectomy and a bladder suspension a year ago at another hospital; I had a prolapsed uterus in addition to my bladder issue. But after six months, I noticed the leakage was still happening.

Part of me was tired of being poked and prodded, but I still wanted to see if there was something that could be done. Dr. Denman at OHSU came highly recommended, so I made an appointment to see if she could help me.

Dr. Denman is very down to earth and not intimidating at all. She actually has a conversation with you, and you don’t have that doctor-to-patient superiority vibe. I felt totally at ease. After hearing my history and going through an exam, she suggested a mid-urethral sling. She made me feel totally comfortable, and she would do everything in her power to correct my leaking issue. After the appointment, I remember calling my husband with tears in my eyes, feeling hopeful for the first time in a while.

This was an outpatient surgery; I went in at 1 p.m. and was home by 5 p.m. It was an awesome experience; everyone was stellar—so helpful and informative from the moment we checked in to when we left to go home. I had to take only a few days from work: Surgery was on a Friday, and I was back to work on Tuesday. Four weeks after my surgery, I went to Hawaii. Now, I’m completely healed. I am no longer leaking. I can go back to the Zumba classes I love, and return to running two miles a day—all without leaking.

I can’t give Dr. Denman and the staff enough kudos. She is very caring and listens. As a patient, I appreciate that.