Barb's Fertility Story

Barb and family

I had my tubes tied in 1997, but in 2005, my husband and I wanted to have a baby. My primary care doctor referred me to Dr. David Lee at OHSU for a tubal ligation reversal. I thought he was really warm. I really liked him. He spent a lot of time explaining the procedure he’d need to do. Though laparoscopic, it still ended up taking about six hours.

Within a year, I was pregnant—but then had a miscarriage. When I had a second miscarriage in 2007 and other attempts to get pregnant were unsuccessful, I came back to Dr. Lee. He found that I had a polyp I needed to have removed, and when he removed it, he had blown air through my fallopian tubes to see if that would unstick things, and we found that I basically had only one unblocked tube. It felt like they really did care, and were on my side.

Right after I turned 39, I got pregnant again, and had my son, Eli, in February, 2011. He is a happy and healthy little boy, and I have Dr. Lee and the team at OHSU to thank for it.

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