Aislinn's Birth Story

By Aislinn

I wanted to let you know what a wonderful birth experience I had at OHSU. The midwives were awesome.

I came in the morning of June 5 and had a perfect baby girl at 3:40 in the afternoon. I did it without any medication, and I think that’s largely because OHSU was so accommodating—I labored in the tub, on the toilet, on the yoga ball and in the hospital bed. The nurse was great about checking the baby’s heart rate periodically, working with me in whatever position I was in (rather than making me lie down).

I thought it was amazing that this group of women hung out with me and never made me feel rushed or under pressure to do things a certain way. It was such a relaxed environment. I remember [the midwife] saying something like, “Well, you basically don’t have any cervix left, so you can push if you want to—but there’s no hurry.” And when I was pushing, but got to a point where I didn’t think I could anymore, [the midwife] asked me if I wanted to feel the baby’s head with my hand, and I did—incredible—and it gave me the energy I needed.

Post-partum, I thought everyone who checked on us had a great bedside manner. All that, plus the food was delicious. It was all so positive, it almost makes me want to do it again. (But not really!)

Just wanted to send out my appreciation—and to say also that your Group Prenatal Care sessions were really informative and enjoyable.