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Exercise for prostate cancer survivors: GET FIT Prostate

GET FIT Prostate is a research study designed to learn what exercise program format is best for prostate cancer survivors who use(d) androgen deprivation therapy (ADT).

What is involved?

By joining GET FIT Prostate, you will be invited to be a part of one of three exercise groups:

  1. Functional Balance (similar to tai chi): A continuous, flowing sequence of individually choreographed movements.
  2. Functional Strength: Functional movement pattern exercises using weighted vests.
  3. Functional Mobility: Whole body flexibility exercises performed in a seated or lying position.

*All groups meet for 1 hour classes 3 times/week for 6 months.

As part of the study we will ask you to complete physical function tests and health surveys 4 times over 12 months. 

Who can participate?

Patients who have received androgen deprivation therapy (ADT), also known as “hormone therapy,” as part of their treatment for prostate cancer. If you are interested in participating, call (503)-346-0444 or email

Contact us

Phone: 503-346-0444

Exercise programs are:

  • At flexible times and convenient locations.
  • Led by trained professionals.
  • Comfortable for first time exercisers.
  • Provided at no cost.
  • Safe for cancer survivors.
  • Supportive team atmosphere.
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Interested in getting involved?

If you are interested in the GET FIT Prostate trial or in future research opportunities, complete and submit the form below.   

If you would prefer to contact us directly, call (503)-346-0444 or email us at