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Detailed instructions for submitting a Vollum Rooms Request

  1. Please read the Vollum Rooms Food Service Policy. Reserving a room implies that you will be responsible for the condition of the room after your event.
  2. Fill out ALL fields in the form.
  3. Review the accuracy of your information before hitting the SUBMIT button as you will not be able to edit the form once it is submitted.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email with the details of your Vollum Rooms Reservation for your records.

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Vollum Rooms Food Service Policy

If you plan to allow food or drink for your event, you will need to clean up afterward. You are responsible for taking out your own trash if you reserve a room on the weekend, as we do not have janitorial service on the weekends.

If you need assistance with custodial issues, contact OHSU Environmental Services at 503-494-8813.

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