Volunteers: Reporting an Injury

As a registered OHSU volunteer, you may be eligible for accident medical expense benefits if an injury or exposure occurs while performing your volunteer/visitor activities at OHSU. Please see benefits offered through the Volunteer and Visitor Accident Insurance Program.

What do I do if I'm injured or have an exposure while performing my volunteer activities at OHSU?

Immediately inform your supervisor as well as OVV. You will then complete a claim form  with your supervisor. It is important that if you wish to file a claim, you submit the completed claim form as soon as possible. The claim must be filed in timely manner in order to qualify for benefits.

What if there was a possible HIV exposure event while performing volunteer/visitor activities?

You must complete and send the claim form within 24 hours of the exposure to qualify for benefits. You must also receive an antibody test within 24 hours of the exposure. If you have an HIV exposure and you are unable to reach your supervisor or the OVV immediately, please call the OHSU paging operator at 503-494-9000 and page the Risk Management pager at 11101. For more information, please see the Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Policy.

Who can I contact with additional questions or concerns regarding the Volunteer Accident Insurance Program?

Please contact OVV at ovv@ohsu.edu, 503-494-4656 or Risk Management at riskmgmt@ohsu.edu, 503-494-7189.